Bike Maintenance

Classes for Adults and Children

Working in partnership with Cycle South Brum we offer bike maintenance classes for both adults and children, these classes will give you the confidence and ability to care for and maintain your bike and keep you cycling.

Adults – A two-day bike maintenance course 12yrs+ 

cycle maintenanceHeld over two Saturdays, this will course will cover 4 modules.

  • Bike safety checks – Understanding the parts of a bike, what they do and checking components are all working safely.
  • Wheels / Tyres / Punctures
  • Brakes –  Caring for, adjusting and replacing cables
  • Gears – functions, taking care of and how to make minor adjustments

There will be a maximum of six learners in each class. We will provide all tools and equipment including bike stands, tools, aprons, etc. The focus will be on the most common types of bike architecture and component e.g. V-brakes that most cyclists have.

You are encouraged to bring your own bike if possible to work on. If this is not possible for any reason, then we have a range of bikes of all shapes and sizes that can be used to work on during the sessions.

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Children – I Love My Bike!

An introductory bike maintenance class for children ages 5-11.

During the class we will cover:

  • naming parts of a bike
  • bike safety checks
  • how to pump up a bike tyre
  • how to repair a puncture
  • introduction to using hand tools
  • washing and lubricating a bike
  • how to test your brakes
  • what I have learned today.

This class is about how to look after a healthy bike that isn’t broken. It is not about how to repair a bike that is broken.
Your child should bring their own bike if they can, but if this isn’t possible then don’t worry because we have some children’s bikes that participants can work on in this class.

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